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1 Final Tender Notice_Facade_ CCFC/House/Civil/001/24-25 This tender notice is for the comprehensive repair and painting project of the front building façade of CC&FC. The scope of work includes painting the tin shade over the reception area with the club's color scheme and logo, installation of CC&FC logo glow-sign, repair of vertical columns, covering horizontal iron structures, branding completion, window frame replacement, and overall façade painting. Agencies with a minimum 10-year track record, clean legal history, and adequate financial standing are eligible. Bidders must adhere to detailed submission procedures and timelines.
2 ELECTRICAL TENDER NOTICE_CCFC/HOUSE/ELEC/002/24-25 This tender notice is for the comprehensive electrical works of the CC&FC premises. The scope of work includes Dismantling and Installation: Remove old, damaged electrical panel boxes from under trees near the tennis court and install new panels on raised, PCC-reinforced platforms adjacent to the court, Interconnection for Stability, Load Redistribution, Event Power Management, Safety and Future-Proofing, Final Layout Documentation, Completion and Compliance. Electrical Tender Timeline Pre-bid meeting- 25.05.2024, Saturday (12 noon) Last date of tender submission- 30.05.2024, Thursday (5pm) Opening of technical & financial bid- 02.06.2024, Sunday (12 noon)