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1 CCFC/HOUSE/POOLPUB TERRACE TENDER/23-24/1 Description: 1. Dismantling of existing roof tiles and cementitious screed from roof-top and exposing RCC 2. Application of waterproof coating over clean RCC with material like Dr Fixit Pidifin 2K or similar products of repute along with Geo Fiber sheet, upto full length of side walls. 3. Creation of proper water dispersing slant in floor level through application of ready-mix cementitious screed with material like Mapei Topcem Pronto or similar products of repute. 4. Laying of full bodied vitrified tiles 600mm x 600 mm with 5 mm spacers, on tile laying adhesive like LYK Laticrete or SikCeram101 or similar products. 5. Grouting of 5mm spaces with UV resistant epoxy polymer grout. 6. Construction of bar counter on side, as per specification mutually decided upon. 7. Construction of shade over full terrace with appropriate MS steel structure and Durashine roofing. 8. All finishing work for delivery in ready-to-use condition